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Zinc oxid plaster
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Zinc oxide adhesive plaster is made of 100% cotton fabric, the surface spreads take the natural rubber and the zinc oxide as the main raw material adhesive, has fixedly relaible, erviceability strong and easy to operate, spare time long and so on merits.

----Zinc oxide adhesive provides strong fixation

----100% coton of carrier allows skin perspiration.

----Tears easily by hand(Zig-zag edgers supplied)

----Two colors available: white/skin color

----Noraml size:

    Width: 1.25cm,2.5cm,5cm,7.5cm,10cm,15cm

    Length: 5yards/meters, 10yards/meters


    Simple packing,

    Individually packing in plaster cover

    Individually packing in Tinplate

OEM service supplied

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