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Plaster of Paris Bandage
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POP Bandage
1) Water permeable.
2) Strong setting abilities.
3) Setting time :2-5 minutes.


Permeable well to water, less loose of plaster.Reliable casting,smooth and neat outlook.

  The quick setting time of 2-5 minutes bring about more safety,steady and comfort to the patients.

  Its caloric value is compatible with human temperature:no more than 40 degree


1.Little plaster powder breaks off after immersing into the water

2.Easy operation

3.Proper solidifying time as 2-5 minutes

4.Good plasticity

5.High intensity

6.Dry quickly


Regular size: 5cm x 2. 7m, 7. 5cm x 2. 7m, 10cm x 2. 7m, 15cm x 2. 7m, 20cm x 2. 7m, 5cmx 300cm, 7.5cmx300cm.....

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