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Cold pack
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To control and alleviate the pain caused by strain, bruising, muscle pulls, tears and burns, it also can rapidly remove the pain and discomfort induced by fever, headache, toothache and mosquito bites.
Keep fresh vegetables, fruit, beer, beverages and refrigerated foods frozen when there is no other source for cooling available.

After locating the liquid bag inside the ice bag, you are required to break it and 3 seconds later it will become frozen. Then shake the bag vigorously to fully mix the contents, and the temperature will drop to below zero within a period of 2 minutes.

The ice bag can only be used for external medication. If your eyes or skin should contact the content, it must be washed by clean water thoroughly. If one eats the content by mistake, he must drink large amounts of water, and induce vomiting it and seek professional medical attention as soon as possible with a doctor.
In order to avoid a too low temperature, it should be better to wrap the ice bag with a towel or cotton cloth to begin with. Those who have something wrong with their circulation system should refer to doctor in advance.

This product can be refrigerated instantly without cold source and be easily used because of its portability and convenience

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